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Love & Betrayal
album mp3 320k 6.99 €
album wav
(CD Quality)
9.99 €
Downloads come with complete artwork
8 page booklet as a .pdf file
1. Intro (More Luck Than Judgement) - 1:21
2. Come To Dust (Crazy) - 4:44
3. It's Time To Say Goodbye - 5:22
4. I've heard That All Before - 4:42
5. Bright Blue Light - 5:24
6. I've Not Forgotten You - 4:17
7. Counting Magpies (So Strange) - 4:32
8. No Reason Or Rhyme (Slip Away) - 5:13
9. No More Promises - 5:22
10. More Luck Than Judgement - 2:47

album mp3 320k 6.99 €
album wav
(CD Quality)
9.99 €
album CD 12.60 €
Downloads come with complete artwork
8 page booklet as a .pdf file
1. Now You're Full - 5:06
2. A Miracle - 3:16
3. Jellybean - 4:20
4. Out there - 4:10
5. Shut Me Out - 1:50
6. Mr. Jones - 5:15
7. That's The Lie - 2:59
8. When I Dream Of You - 4:27
9. Little By Little - 3:04
10. Caroline - 9:54
11. Last Summer - 5:55
1. How it works

Payment is secured by an integrated PayPal system. You personal details are not visible to us and are not stocked on our site.

After payment PayPal send us an e-mail confirming the order. Mrs Jones then sends you an e-mail containing a link to a .zip file which you can download directly onto your desktop. If you ordered a CD an 'order confirmation' e-mail will be sent. The CD will be sent the first working day after the order.

This process should only take a few minutes (if your order is made between 10h & 19h, western European time) but can take up to 24 hours.

If your delivery/confirmation does not arrive within 24 hours please contact us immediately.

2. Upgrades

If you buy the wav or mp3 versions and later you want to upgrade to the CD or the wav, you only pay the difference. ** subject to availability

Buy the CD or the wav (CD quality download) with complete artwork and get a free mp3 version for your ipod or mp3 player.

Lifetime guarantee. If ever you lose a digital album through technical failure you just send us your e-mail address or the PayPal receipt and we will send you another download.

3. Still not working ?

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If after a while the PayPal buttons do not load, it may because :
1) In some countries you need to open an account with PayPal
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Please don't hesitate to contact us if you encounter any problems.

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